Categorising Selfi quizzes
Categorising Selfi quizzes

I'm beginning this uphill task today. It's going to be a fun challenge. 😆

Our team currently keeps a database of quizzes in a spreadsheet (screenshot attached), and when it was first started I introduced an indexing page to help keep track of the statuses of each quiz. For example, whether the quiz descriptions and scoring are ready, whether the illustration of a quiz has been completed, whether it's on staging and production etc. It is a nice tool to keep things organized.

Now the next stage is how to properly organize the quizzes into user-friendly, understandable "journeys" or "paths". When we are faced with a swathe of options, it's hard to not get intimidated. By introducing recommended journeys, I hope we can onboard users better and allow them to find quizzes that interest them faster.

The question is, which categorical naming is good and simple? I like how (check out their app on iOS or Play Store) categorizes information by problems. If one feels overwhelmed by stress, he can attempt the "Stress & Overwhelm" rescue session. I'm not sure these very specific approaches is our answer to categorising quizzes properly on Selfi, but it's a clear one. It provides very specific answers to one's problem and is easier to navigate than the current Selfi Personal site.

Landing page of the intellect app

I'll take some time to categorise things into simple ones I can think of right away first and see how it progresses from there:

  1. Romance
  2. Work and Career
  3. Social Life