Payment Methods

When a representative from a company wants to purchase a good or service, what comes to his mind? What about an individual?

Over the past month, I have been buying durians from I recall visiting quite a number of durian websites and found their payment methods quite cumbersome and confusing for a consumer. Like, for example, paying through PayNow: I'm not 100% sure whether my order went through, and whether the durian company received and noted my order. accepts credit card. The durian price looks ok too. There are good reviews, so it can't be that bad. So I paid, got my cashback, received the receipt in my email and know what time they deliver. It's a win-win for both consumers and the durian seller - automation and less work on the seller's side, and timely information for me as a user/customer. I became a repeat customer just like that. I can imagine others revisiting the website too. Part of this seamless process is due to availability of paying by credit card - a payment method I'm used to.

When it comes to corporate products like Selfi Corp, who pays and what methods are they used to? Do they have access to the company's credit cards? Do they have authority to transfer money from the company's budget for the specified purposes? I'm not sure. As a start, I believe that payment methods should be seamless. I heard of manual crediting of credits to accounts: buyer sends money to seller's bank account, seller checks that the amount is there, manually update credits to the buyer's account, buyer uses credits to buy services and products. Doesn't sound very scalable to me. If the number of purchases go exponentially, is the seller going to hire exponentially too?

Scalability and image are important. If the seller can automate the crediting / dispatching of goods automatically upon successful payment, he can cut manual work costs. It also provides instant feedback to the buyer on whether the transaction is successful - that's great UX. Time saved. Buyer can immediately utilise his credits or get notified that his goods are coming to him soon.

There are many types of payment methods in Singapore. PayNow, Grab, Credit Card, Xfers etc. The more options provided the better. Users can then choose whichever is most convenient to them. is unbeatable in that aspect. They accept anything I can think so. If development costs is a huge consideration, start with the widely accepted method amongst the buyer target audience. Based on this thought process, I think it's good if we start accepting PayNow and Credit Card first. Then integrate alternative payments like utrust in the future. Utrust is a crypto payment company and has been integrated into WooCommerce on WordPress. I believe it'll go mainstream within the next years. It matters that we integrate a forward-looking payment method to look forward-looking as a company :)