Start of Selfi Corporate
Mockup on Adobe XD

Phew. Finally completed the first draft of Selfi Corporate. This mockup is full of hypotheses. Can't emphasize how much was based on my guesses on how HR admins would work with this.

This is the first time another front-end developer is going to use the mockup I come up with, so I had to make sure the details are in there – loading states, success and error messages, making sure that any hover states are clear. We have little time (Yan Kai and I are going to rush this out within 1.5 weeks before the conference Kai would be presenting in. He's going to demo Selfi Personal and Corporate. Good time to get some feedback and exposure). So I skipped all the animation parts and focus solely on the functionality of the app. Our main aim is to test its viability, so the frills can be left behind for now.